Borås Pinball

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European Classics Pinball Championships 2011

ECPC 2011
As most of you already know, this year’s Borås Pinball Classics has been upgraded to European Championship status. As this makes the Classic division 2011 a stand alone-competition full WPPRs will be awarded.

The competition will be held february 25-27th. There will be a main tournament, country tournament, split tournament, various sideshows as Reverse Flipper, Set the High Score and more – all set on classic pinball machines. There will even be a small tournament played on modern machines.

The tournament takes place in Borås, located 60 km east of Gothenburg (35 km from Landvetter Airport), at INK’s private pinball place. This is located at Göteborgsvägen 10. There will be about 30 working Classic pinball machines and 40 modern ones at the location. All games are set on Free Play except a few ones used for Set the High Score and other sideshows.

Under TOURNAMENTS you will find menues which will take you to more information regarding ECPC 2011.

The fee for this event is: 300 SEK or 33 € (this includes all tournaments except the Country Tournament)

The fee for the Country Tournament is: 400 SEK or 44 € (per team of 4 players)

To register for ECPC 2011: Send a mail with your full name, tag, city and country to ink(a) and you will recieve payment details.