Borås Pinball

»Pinball ain't no girlie-man sport«

Time schedule

Preliminary time schedule:

Thursday 23th February
18.00-22.00: Qualifications (for those living nearby)

Friday 24th February
18.00-24.00: Qualifications (for those living nearby)

Saturday 25th February
10.00-20.00: Qualifications, Side Tournament / Split
(Drop-in, but all qualifications must be ended before 20.00 so start in time)
10.00-22.00: Qualifications, Main Tournament
(Drop-in, but all qualifications must be ended before 22.00 so start in time)
- – - -
20.00-20.45: 1st Round Split
20.45-21.30: 1st Round Side
21.30-22.15: 2nd Round Split
22.15-23.00: 2nd Round Side
23.00-24.00: FINALS Split

Sunday 26th February
09.00-09.45: 1st Round Main
09.45-10.30. 3nd Round Side
10.30-11.15: 2nd Round Main
11.15-12.00: 4th Round Side
12.00-12.45: 3nd Round Main
12.45-14.00: FINALS Side
14.00-14.45: 4nd Round Main
14.45-16.00: FINALS Main
16.00-17.00: Prize cermony

OBS! If possible – following Rounds will be played earlier than stated when all players are available so please keep close at all time!