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»Pinball ain't no girlie-man sport«

About us

I just got fed up with little people having small thoughts about things and I decided to write a short presentation of Borås Pinball.

One of the initial visions with Borås Pinball was to store material of interest to the pinball community. We would share everything from restoration experiences to rubber lists with each other and perhaps this would be helpful to some people. Then we started up a site (based on the same structure as almost every Swedish local and regional pinball community uses and (not to much surprise) the site was used in a similar way. So much for the vision. Before we leave this site for good I’d still like to thank both Stefan FEZ Andersson for making the site that still serves as great forum on other domains. I’d also like to thank Dan Burfield for giving us the site with all the enhancements that is today.

Well… Back to the future of Borås Pinball. Borås is a relatively new city on the Swedish map of pinball, but with one collector like Christian INK Holmsten (this is PIG writing, thank you very much…) the community was bound to grow around here. However, Borås Pinball was never a formal association even though it perhaps can look like it. It was just supposed to be a name under which we did meet and play pinball and have fun. Now there are rumours about Borås Pinball being run like a business which is absurd. Personally I don’t do much more than repro pinball art these days and INK is still buying games that he hopefully will be able to store in the future as well. And on ocations, we still meet and play tournaments and perhaps we have fun doing it. This is what Borås Pinball is about at the moment. If you’d care to join us – write me a line.

// Pig (A)

If you’re interested in INK’s collection – drop by at